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Knowledgeable Plant Selection

With a thorough knowledge of Michigan plants, trees, and grass types, Quality Outdoor Services is able to install something to please everyone. We pride ourselves on our ability to know which plants and trees will work in what area of your property.

Warrantied plants

All of our plants and trees come from certified and inspected local nurseries and are warrantied. Your landscaping is not complete if your plants are not thriving. Our reputation is on the line with every installation we do, so we do our best to make you look good!

Consider the plant's needs and characteristics

  • Sun exposure

  • Mature growth sizes

  • Bloom times

  • Water requirements

Keeping current with trends

New hybrids and better styles of plants are constantly being introduced to the market, and we make a point to stay updated so that you can have the best and most beautiful landscaping available. Call the plant experts at Quality Outdoor Services at 734-255-4505.

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